Daniel has all the typical problems of a college senior who isn’t graduating. His roommate/best friend, Hope, is leaving him for medical school; his fresh-out-of-highschool girlfriend, Mary, seems a bit too ‘pure’ to be true; and to top it all off he has stigmata, the marks of Christ. Now, a peculiar angel named ‘Limpwings’ is leading him on a crusade to discover his true purpose and lead God’s people in this hilarious coming-of-age comedy!

Limpwings is the first full-length feature film by Two Jackets Productions. Written by Marcus Mann, directed by Andrew Neill, and produced on a shoestring budget in the Fargo/Moorhead area, Limpwings premiered at the Historic Fargo Theatre in October 2011. 

At long last, Limpwings is now available on DVD and Video-on-Demand via Amazon.com! 

The original score by Reed Reimer is also available now on iTunes and Amazon