ShamFiction is a weekly podcast about writing and entertainment, brought to you by the three guys responsible for Two Jackets Productions: Andrew Neill, Eric Carlson, & Marcus Mann.

Every week, two of the hosts will choose a media franchise (book, movie, TV show, comic, etc) that the third host hasn't seen/read/heard of, and challenge that poor schmuck to write fanfiction about it. That piece of writing, which we call a ShamFiction, is then performed for your enjoyment and ridicule!

The project began as a simple writing exercise; an excuse to put pen to paper for the purposes of practicing our prose, and alleviating our aversions to alliteration. It was a very fun exercise, but we didn't expect the resulting pieces of fiction would be so entertaining! Now, we've decided to share the fun with everyone while simultaneously forcing ourselves to write something every week. We get writing practice and you get entertained! It's a win-win!

The other reason we're doing this podcast is to allow us to communicate more frequently with the audience for Two Jackets Productions. It's been difficult to deliver enough video content to keep our fans and supporters involved and entertained on a regular basis. Producing a podcast lets us get our voices out there and get more people interested in what we do. We can produce an episode of ShamFiction in just a few hours, compared to weeks or months for a short film.  This way we can deliver new material every week while spending more time on our film projects, which can take on a larger scope.

To hear more about the project, we highly suggest you listen to our introductory episode below:

We're storytellers with a purpose, and we hope you'll subscribe to and share ShamFiction with your friends!