What is Sham Fiction?


Sham Fiction is both a podcast and the world's first pop-culture storytelling game show. Each episode pits two of our hosts against one another in a write-off to spoof a movie, show, novel, comic, etc that they haven't seen! It's an audio celebration of our literary ignorance!

Our hot-takes on famous properties like Fifty Shades of Grey, Frasier, and Hamilton are often wildly inaccurate, hilariously filthy, and infuriatingly brief. 

New episodes are posted on Mondays.


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Our Story

Your Sham-Hosts (from left to right): Marcus Mann, Andrew Neill, & Eric Carlson

Sham Fiction is a podcast about writing and entertainment, brought to you by the three guys responsible for Two Jackets Productions: Eric Carlson, Marcus Mann, & Andrew Neill. The show is now in its second season!

Sham Fiction began as a simple writing exercise—an excuse to put pen to paper for the purposes of practicing our prose and alleviating our aversions to alliteration. It was a very fun exercise, but we didn't expect the resulting pieces of fiction would be so entertaining! So we decided to share the fun with everyone, while simultaneously forcing ourselves to write something. We get writing practice and you get entertained! It's a win-win!

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Sham Fiction is produced completely out of Andrew, Marcus, and Eric's collective pockets. If you enjoy the podcast, please consider donating a few bucks via our Ko-Fi page! Thanks for your support!