The Return of Sham Fiction

That’s right, gang! Your favorite sham host and Eric and Marcus are returning! Yes, ‘tis I, Andrew! After a year in the wilderness, sustaining ourselves on a diet of pine needles and tree bark, befriending local hill people and wildlife, the Two Jackets guys are back in civilization and ready to bring you a new season of Sham Fiction! (Hot dang! It’s two words now!)

You remember Sham Fiction, right? It’s our podcast in which we write stories based on films, TV shows, books, and other pop culture sundries that we don’t know much about! Last season—which is still available in your favorite podcatcher—we wrote about such properties as Deadpool, Stranger Things, and The West Wing. This season, we’re bringing you more fun stories on all new stuff!

But hark! A new game is afoot! In this new season, we’re shaking up the show’s format and raising the stakes! Each episode will now feature a head-to-head, no-holds-barred, eat-or-be-eaten DUEL! “But, Andrew,” you say, “that can’t possibly mean…” Mean what? That every new episode of Sham Fiction will have two stories rather than one? Full well it does!

Here’s how it’ll work: The host has only eight minutes to pitch a property of their choosing, after which the two sham-writers each get two minutes to ask questions. After a brief, informative commercial break, the writers return to read their stories, and the host makes their determination as to who loses less! (As you’ll learn, there are no winners in the Sham Fiction arena. It’s pretty brutal.) The trio then takes the remainder of the show to discuss what worked about the stories, what didn’t, and how they compared to the source material.

We’re eager to begin sharing the new season with you, and thankfully there isn’t much time left to wait! The first full episode will drop on Monday, February 5th. From there, we’ll release a new episode every two weeks for the rest of the year.

But hark again! You won’t even have to wait that long! On Monday, January 22nd, we’ll be dropping Episode Zero, in which we discuss the new season and format in detail, as well as three—once again for effect: THREE—demo episodes. These are test ‘casts we recorded last summer to try out the dueling format. The stories in these demos are too good to be stashed away in the sham vault, so we thought we’d share them to give you a preview of what’s to come!

If you haven’t already, go—right cussin’ now!—to your favorite podcatcher and subscribe to the show. That way, you’ll receive the new episodes as they’re released. Get ready to rumble, baby! More Sham Fiction is on the way!

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Meanwhile, at the Citadel... at Comic-Con!

 From Left to Right: Katie Vannelli (Lizzy Lectric), Ted Raimi (Festival Judge), Andrew Neill (Producer/Co-Director)

From Left to Right: Katie Vannelli (Lizzy Lectric), Ted Raimi (Festival Judge), Andrew Neill (Producer/Co-Director)

Hey True Believers!

Two Jackets just got back from our first ever San Diego Comic-Con! We were thrilled to screen our film, "Meanwhile, at the Citadel of Superheroes..." at SDCC's international film festival, and honored to be selected as the Best Comics-Oriented Film!

We met some lovely people at the convention, and saw some excellent films. If you met us at San Diego, please drop us a line in the contact page! While you're here, please check out some of our other films, or give our podcast, Shamfiction, a listen.

In case you weren't at SDCC, or you'd like to see it again, here is our winning film for your viewing pleasure:

Zip Zap Zow!


Must Love Grapes is now online!

Hey everyone! Eric here with an exciting announcement: we made a movie and now it's online look look look!

Must Love Grapes was made as part of the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project 2016. I know what you're thinking: "Hey, wasn't the last movie you guys made from the 48HFP last year?" And you'd totally be right! We've been too busy podcasting to make movies, duh!

But in all seriousness, we were super-duper excited to get back into the swing of production, and the 48 is always a fantastic opportunity to try new things. I think new things were tried, don't you? 

Anyway, take a look at Must Love Grapes on our Short Films page along with all of our other short work. Better yet, why not visit our YouTube channel?

Thanks for watching!

The ShamCom Trilogy

Hey folks! Andrew here...

Eric, Marcus, and I hope you’ve been enjoying our podcast, ShamFiction. We’ve had a hell of a lot of fun making it, all while learning a lot about writing and storytelling.

If you haven’t started listening, now is a great time to subscribe and start. We just finished a special run of episodes called the ShamCom trilogy, in which we each wrote for popular sitcoms that we hadn’t ever seen. Eric wrote The Big Bang Theory, Marcus wrote Friends, and I wrote Frasier!

For these episodes, we wrote in screenplay format rather than prose and then invited four actors from previous Two Jackets film productions - Rachel Palashewski, Joe Rapp, Katie Vannelli, and Allen Voigt - to perform the scripts on air!

We Jackets are used to performing the fics ourselves, so handing those duties over to the cast was both a relief and an absolute pleasure! As anticipated, they rocked it.

Speaking of rocking, I haven’t mentioned another treat of the ShamCom trilogy: the theme songs! You can’t have a sitcom without a theme song! (Well, you can, but-- why?) As an added challenge for these ShamCom assignments, each Jacket had to write an original theme song for their show. To ensure choice quality, we brought in our good friend and composer extraordinaire, Reed Reimer, to create the music.

The results are, well… How about you just listen to them? You can hear them on the podcast, or you can check them out in these wonderful music videos that Eric cut together with footage from the shows:

Pretty great, right? The “Bazinga” bit in the Big Bang video makes me laugh out loud every single time.

So check out ShamFiction! You can find it here on or in the podcatcher of your choice. If you like the show, be sure to subscribe to get a new episode in your feed every Sunday. And if you want to lend a hand, leave a rating and review. Those things do legitimately help us reach a larger audience, and we appreciate your feedback.

This upcoming weekend (June 3-5), Two Jackets Productions is diving back into the filmmaking game with the 2016 Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project. We’ll be back soon with a recap of how that all goes down. We’re pumped!

Until next time, enjoy ShamFiction!