Cosmic Questers '97 (June 2015)

A Cosmic Questers fan club is thrown into a late-nineties tizzy when a hotshot newcomer threatens to make some improvements to the group's fan film.

Made as part of the 2015 Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project. Nominee, Best Film. Winner, Best Sound Design, Best Use of Prop.

Required Elements:

Character: Kevin Whitefish, Club President

Prop: A coat hanger

Line of Dialogue: "You choose. I can't/cannot decide."

Genre: Period Piece

The Home Office (July 2014)

Matthew Philips finds out that email isn't the best way to fire someone in this parody of "The Office".

This film was made as part of the 2014 Columbus 48 Hour Film Project. Winner, Best Writing.

Required Elements:

Character: Mary or Matthew Philips, Award Winning Gardener

Prop: a Wallet

Line of Dialogue: "There's only one way to know for sure."

Genre: Spoof/Parody

Keeping Up with the Cloneses (June 2014)

An inexperienced government scientist races to teach her child-like clone creations to act human.

This film was made as part of the 2014 Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project. It received awards for Best Actress (Debra Berger), Best Writing (Marcus Mann), Best Sound Design, Audience Favorite for screening group, and Best Film overall.

Required Elements:

Character: Trey or Tricia Sneaderman, Government Employee

Prop: a Bell

Line of Dialogue: "I asked you not to do that."

Genre: Fish out of Water

Meanwhile, at the Citadel of Superheroes... (March 2014)

Made as part of Z-Fest 2014. Winner, Fourth Runner-Up, Best Heroine, Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film. Winner, The Spirit of Comic-Con award, Wizard World Minneapolis. Official Selection, South Dakota Film Festival. Winner, Best Comics-Oriented Film, 2017 San Diego Comic Con.

Lizzy just wants to help people, so she's applying to be a member of the renowned Citadel Squad! She just has to make a flash at the job interview...

All's Chair in Love and War (June 2013)

Made as part of the 2013 Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project.

The office is divided. Civil war. Southsider vs. Northsider. Red chair vs. blue chair. Two men with equal stakes in this contest. That is until a beautiful and mysterious woman appears and changes the game. It's a story about war, love, and office furniture.

Required Elements:

Character: Betty or Bobby Bulmer, Farmer or Gardener

Prop: A lamp

Line of Dialogue: "She told me it's a secret."

Genre: Romance