60: Future Man

Alright, shut your rat-holes and listen up, humans! Tiger and Wolf have stolen the TTD from the evil Biotics, but it's up to you to save the future...man! It's Future Man! Hulu's original series! In this episode, Marcus and Andrew go toe to herpes-ridden-toe (IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!) to try to save humanity once and for all. SPOILER: It's hilarious.

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59: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

How many times do we have to warn you not to play mysterious board games that you find on the beach that metamorphize into slightly more appetizing video games? It's just not worth it! Sure, you may learn some lessons and get to be The Rock for a while, but you might die! We hope these shams will save your life, as Andrew and Eric take on the cautionary true story of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle!

58: Unforgiven

It's a helluva thing... writing a sham. Eric and Marcus should know that more than most. In this episode, they have to bear the heavy burden of shamming Unforgiven, Clint Eastwood's Best Picture-winning western from 1992. In preparation for writing, they'll have to reckon with all their misdeeds from when they were younger, crueler men and channel that pain and guilt into their prose. Or maybe they won't do that. Maybe they'll just have a good time tackling the western genre! Come to think of it, why does Andrew keep pitching these heavy properties? Didn't we just sham that silly Species movie last time? Why don't you do something like that, Andrew? You trying to impress us with your refined taste in "prestige" film and TV, Andrew? Get over yourself, ANDREW. And enjoy the show, listeners!

57: Species

Have you ever truly felt anything, brah? According to a character on this week's show, you probably haven't. Alas! We can't all be like Dan Smithson, the iconic empath portrayed by Forest Whitaker in this week's property: Species! It's a kinda-classic scifi/horror flick from the '90s! Eric is pitching; Marcus and Andrew are writing; and they're all getting in touch with their feelings—particularly with how they feel about actress Natasha Henstridges' nakedness in this movie, given how old her character is supposed to be. In brief: it's icky. But the shams are far less repulsive! In fact, this episode contains one of the funniest pieces we've ever had on the show! Listen now and laugh your buns off!

56: Artemis

Sad that we haven't been back to the Moon since 1972? Good news! Andrew and Eric have got you covered! Join our two brave shamstronauts as they pull on their Moon-writing suits and get cracking on tales from the near-future lunar city of Artemis. Prepare for romance, espionage, and landers full of science in this exploration of Andy Weir's world.

Want to read who wrote it best? Check out the unbeatable original:

Artemis: A Novel
By Andy Weir

55: Mindhunter

What evil lurks in the minds of men? That's how the saying goes, right? Or is that not even close? Regardless, it's definitely a question—the same question at the heart of this episode because Andrew is pitching the Netflix Original Series, Mindhunter! The FBI agents of that show aren't afraid to delve into the dark place that is a killer's psych, so Eric and Marcus better not be either! Hooooo boy! It's gonna get disturbing, kiddos! This one isn't for the weak of heart. Or stomach.

54: Demon Knight

Hello kiddies! Since our special guest The Crypt Keeper had to reschedule, we decided to write our own blood-n-slime-filled takes on the most excellent 1995 odyssey in filmmaking known as Tales from the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight! In this episode, Marcus and Andrew get hot and heavy, commune with angels and demons, and even get a little pruney. So come on down to the Mission Hotel where we'll serve up two bowls of x-rated Sham Fiction! Seriously, don't let the kids listen to this one.

Season 2 Demo 3: Fargo Season 2

Oh for wow! Don't y'know? It's the third and final demo before Season Two kicks off for real! In this one, Marcus and Eric each cook up a Sham Fiction hotdish using ingredients from Fargo Season 2! Don your boots and parka, and brace yourself for some ice-cold, and yet wholesome Midwestern murder-- I mean hospitality!

Just the Fics Volume Four (Part 1/2)

Season 1 of ShamFiction has been over since January, and it's finally time for our final Just the Fics collection! In this special episode, we bring you nothing but the fiction from episodes 37-51. No pitches. No discussion. Just fics! Even so, we ended up having so much content this quarter that we had to split this episode into two parts! In this first half, enjoy eisodes 37-45!

52: Season One Finale Special

Jeepers, gang, the ShamFiction guys have had a heck of a year, and now it's time to reflect, celebrate, and look to the future! What could be in store for our intrepid sham-writers? When will we hear from them again? How might one beat the Drej? These questions and more will be answered in this exciting (and lengthy!) special finale episode of ShamFiction!

51: HamFiction #3: Marcus writes Mad Men

This week, we're going MAD! ...ison Avenue as Marcus writes the sixties-set, smoke-filled, booze-soaked drama, Mad Men! Meanwhile, your hosts may be legitimately going mad. Like the "crazy" kind of mad. Why? Because Eric and Marcus believe they're on a ham-themed show, and Andrew may be losing sight of what's real and what's make believe! And how does Mad Men fit into their salty scheme? Because it stars Jon Hamm, of course! That makes sense, right? Right? NO! It doesn't! That was a test! It doesn't make sense because there's no such thing as HamFiction! There never was! It's all smoke and mirrors, people! You've been duped by a couple of sham-artists! My, how fitting! It was a SHAM all along! Being tricked doesn't feel good, does it? Just remember, I tried to tell you. Now, please excuse me. I'm going to take up smoking. <3 Andrew

50: HamFiction #2: Andrew writes Spider-Ham

HamFiction continues into its triumphant second episode! This week, Andrew spins a tale of romance and adventure as he explores a day in the life of the Amazing Spider-Ham! He's part spider, part ham, and all ham! This bit definitely isn't getting old, just ask Andrew! It's HaaaaaaamFiction!!!

And once again there's a song! Download it here.

49: HamFiction #1: Eric writes Hamilton

This one's for all the bastard orphans out there! Especially those who are sons of Scotsmen and whores. Preferably dropped in the Carribean. Impoverished to squalor? Even better! This one's for you! We thought we'd never get there, but this week Eric sham-writes, or perhaps ham-writes, the inimitable Hamilton: An American Musical!

Wanna hear more of Eric's NSFW take on Hamilton? DOWNLOAD THE MP3

48: Marcus writes Lost at Sea

Time to gas up and hit the road with the ShamFiction boys! Our destination: self-discovery! We're coming-of-age this week as Marcus sham-writes a sensitive tale of lost souls, roadside diners, and SO MANY CATS! It's Bryan Lee O'Malley's debut graphic novel, Lost at Sea! We're all huge fans of BLOM, so this one's pretty special. If you, too, are a fan of his work, including his popular Scott Pilgrim series of comics, you're in for a treat! There be references abound here! In fact, if this episode had a face, we would kiss it! XOXO

Lost At Sea

From the Vault: Star Wars - Rebels: A Star Wars Story: Holiday Special

This week, we dig deep into the Jedi archives and uncover a very special holocron from Life Days past! It's a secret episode of ShamFiction that the guys recorded in the fall of 2015 before the show even began, which means you're in for a treat - or at least you would be if you considered a slight reduction in production values a treat! But what's that? You've got a bad feeling about this? Fear not, my young apprentice! Andrew is at the helm and he's not such a bad writer himself! He may not look like much, but he's got it where it counts. He'll make .5 past write speed... Anyhoo, away put your weapons, pour yourself a glass of blue milk, and come with us to a galaxy far, far away as Andrew writes Star Wars - Rebels!