I Stole a Lot of Money!

Baby I got somethin' to tell you... We made a movie this weekend!

For the first time since the halcyon days of film school, Andrew, Marcus, and I competed in the Four Points Film Project (formerly the National Film Challenge)! Similar to the 48 Hour Film Project (actually, they're both run by the same people), teams are given a genre, character, prop, and line of dialogue. Unlike the 48HFP, however, teams all around the world are competing concurrently. This means that the entire process from kickoff to turn-in was 100% online! It's the future, guys!

On Friday night, Marcus used the impressive and more-than-a-little-bit-scary powers of the internet to write us a great script from Columbus, and the Minneapolis-based crew hit it hard in the morning, running all over beautiful Nicollet Island to film one of the most ludicrously happy things we've ever made. The film features our friend and star of past Jackets films YODO! and All's Chair in Love and War, Emily King, as well as James Griffin, a local talent we've been dying to work with! (They are both very good dancers, as you will see.)

And before you watch this little gem, a warning: our best friend and beard-owner Reed Reimer (composer of almost all our scores since Limpwings) wrote a song that will be stuck in your head for days. It's all over the place in this movie. It's about how great money is. It will make you want to spend that money to buy his single online. You've been warned.

Our required elements from the good wizards at the Four Points Film Project were:

Genre: Comedy

Character: Martin Burley, ATM Technician

Line of Dialogue: "I heard you the first time."

Prop: A balloon.

Without further ado, here's "I Stole a Lot of Money!"

I hope you enjoyed watching it almost as much as we enjoyed making it! Share it with your friends!

The movie is currently being judged by the Four Points people. Once they are done deliberating, the top 15 films will be posted online for public judgement. If we make the cut, we'll let you all know! Until then, remember that there's more to life than money, but until this damn song gets out of my head I'm finding it hard to figure out what it is.

Love, Eric