48 Hour Film Project 2013

Not only are we in the middle of launching our new site and posting all of our past content here for your viewing enjoyment, we just wrapped production on a brand-spankin'-new short film! And it only took two days to make!

That's right! For the second year running, Two Jackets Productions assembled a team of talented, dedicated, and mostly-attractive people for the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project! That's non-stop movie-making mania from 7pm Friday to 7pm Sunday, kiddos! And, boy oh boy, was it a hoot! We made a wartime-comedy-romance set in an abandoned office space, titled All's Chair in Love and War. If you feel like checkin' it out, come on down to the Riverview Theater in South Minneapolis at 7pm this upcoming Wednesday (June 12th). 

Lastly, it must be said that we here at Two Jackets consider ourselves very fortunate to have such a fabulous network of friendly film-making folk with whom to collaborate here in the Twin Cities. We wouldn't have been able to make a film 1/100th as great as we did last weekend without the cast and crew we had. Thanks team!

We'll keep all y'all posted on how the film does in the competition. Our 48HFP entry last year, Put a Ring on It, which you can watch here, won Best Score, Best Editing, and Second Runner-Up in the city; and, being the greedy bastards we are, we're hoping to top ourselves this time 'round!

See you Wednesday at the Riverview!