Meanwhile in the year 2014...

Howdy folks! Andrew here…

Two moons have passed since our last update, but despite the lack of activity on our site here, Two Jackets has been quite industrious. We’ve been submitting You Only Die Once! to film festivals around the country and prepping for production on our latest and most ambitious short film project yet!

After a wonderful chat with Z-Fest producer, Adam Colt, at the South Dakota Film Fest in late September, we were convinced to once again join the fray for the Twin Cities-based competition; we made Hide My Thunder for last year’s event and took home Best Visual Effects. Just a week after SDFF, Marcus had a first draft and the script revision / pre-production process had begun!

Skip to the present. Three months later. It’s January and we just wrapped principle photography on that project, a superhero comedy titled Meanwhile, at the Citadel of Superheroes...

Last weekend’s shoot was difficult, exhilarating, exhausting, and marvelous. We planned for two 14-hour days, finished an hour early the first day, and ended up canning over 80 shots. Yeah, our crew rocked it! And, to ease your worry: No, we didn’t kill our DP, but his back is really sore.

Like Hide My Thunder, Meanwhile is going to be chock-full of visual effects, but we’re also supporting them with in-camera lighting effects, which ended up being a ton of fun to orchestrate. One shot required four different lighting cues, as well as two cues for industrial fans to kick in. Industrial fans, you ask? Yeah. Just you wait! It ain’t a superhero movie without some superhero-style action!

With post-production ahead, Eric, Marcus, and I are taking a moment to look back at this last weekend and the past few months, and we honestly couldn’t have asked for it to shake out much better thus far. The cast we assembled took the script and created rich, endearing, and hilarious characters. If the cries of victory coming from video village last weekend were any indication, we’re going to have some great moments to splice together ahead. 

The deadline for Z-Fest V is February 16th, giving us just over a month to edit. Eric has a lot of work ahead of him - though Marcus and I are far from off the hook - but it’s going to be such a joy to see this come together. I promise that we’ll post an update or two before the post-production process is over.

We can’t wait to share this one with you!