UPDATE: You Only Die Once!

Our movie won an award. It's very important.

Last Friday, September 27, Two Jackets' latest film, YODO, screened at the South Dakota Film Festival and garnered many compliments! Also, we took home the award for Best Comedy Short! Andrew, Marcus, and our amazing DP, Amber "Danger" Johnson were all in attendance for the festivities, the parties, and the post-screening gloating that comes with having won an award at a regional film festival!

Look at 'em lookin' all "fly" and "glam."

But there's no time to rest on our laurels! We're planning to submit YODO to more festivals - in hopes that we may make more audiences laugh their butts off (figuratively)!

We'll definitely keep you posted on future screenings. Until then, check out all of our shorts here.