Where's Marcus?

This summer I moved to Columbus, Ohio to pursue my dream of writing full-time. 

“That’s great, Marcus!” you say.  “How did you find a full-time job writing?” 

To which I say, “I didn’t!  I’m working on some spec projects and attempting to get into a writing development or graduate program.”

“Oh,” you say, and then avoid eye contact until someone comes by and changes the subject.

So, what am I doing in Columbus?  Is this the end of Two Jackets!? 

I’m writing, of course, and this is far from the end of Two Jackets.  In fact, we’re hard at work preparing another feature film script.  I’ve blocked out most of September to work on the first draft.  Additionally, I’ll be driving up to Minneapolis to work with Andrew on the Minneapolis 48 Hour Horror Project this October.

While we may now be in different time zones, Andrew, Eric, and I have lots of exciting plans for the future of Two Jackets Productions, and we’re excited to share them with you as they come to pass!

Stay tuned!