2014: The year of the film challenge

We're happy to announce that Two Jackets Productions will be participating in not one, not three, but TWO filmmaking competitions in the month of October! That brings us up to FIVE for 2014. Whoa!

I know what you're asking yourself, "Hey dicks, after doing Z-Fest, 48HFP Minneapolis, and 48HFP Columbus, what other film challenges could you possibly be involved in?" Well, I'm glad you asked. First up on the first weekend of October is the 48 Hour Film Horror Project! It's just like the regular 48 except it HAS TO BE A HORROR FILM! Obviously, this is awesome. Marcus will be in Minneapolis to write and Andrew will be directing. We're all really excited to do something a little different and decidedly un-Two-Jacketsy! Stay tuned!

The second challenge, you ask? For the first time since our college days, we will be participating in the Four Points Film Project (formerly the National Film Challenge)! The rules for FPFP are similar to the 48HFP, except we have 72 hours to complete the film instead of 48! That's like... twice as much time or something! The competition kicks off the last weekend of October. I'll be directing this project, with Marcus writing remotely via science, and Andrew producing and AD-ing. Forecasts are indicating that it will be "bomb." I've been promised that "bomb" is a youthful colloquialism meaning "a good thing," which means I'm suddenly very excited! 

We'll be posting after each weekend to let you know how the competitions went and to post video links! Until then, stay classy!