Homemade Horror Festival

Hey Spooky People!

We're thrilled to announce that some films do live twice.  Tonight, our 2013 film, "You Only Die Once!" screened to a packed crowd at Columbus' Gateway Film Center as part of the fourth annual Homemade Horror Short Film Festival.  We are even thrilleder to announce that we were chosen as best film!  There was some scary competition, and the whole night was a blast.

Marcus holding the coveted Skully award!

Marcus holding the coveted Skully award!

As a result of winning this competition, YODO! will be screening in front of Halloween showings of Psycho and The Shining at the Gateway.  We are honored to be sharing space at a great theater with such great films!

Stay tuned here for more on our upcoming projects.  We know we still owe you a retrospective on "Cosmic Questers '97," which will be coming shortly.  We've also heard the irregular flapping of some "Limpwings" that might make its way to your DVD player soon!

Happy Halloween!