Filmapalooza 2015 is fast approaching!

Greetings, Two Jacketeers! Andrew here.

In a little less than a week, I’m going to be vacating the ice-encrusted North for a week-long excursion to the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, California! There, I’ll be representing Team Two Jackets at Filmapalooza 2015, which runs from February 26th through March 1st. Our first place-winning entry into last year’s Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project, Keeping Up With The Cloneses, will be screening on Saturday the 28th at the historic Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd.

Pretty cool, huh? I’m incredibly pumped for this event and honored to be representing our team and the Twin Cities. Screening at the Chinese Theater is going to feel like being in a dream. The history there is literally cemented into place, with the famous hand and footprints adorning the walkway up to the front doors. Many of the most influential artists in the industry have stood on those grounds and sat in those seats during the umpteen premieres that have been held there. I’m gonna get shivers, I tell ya.

125 city-winning films from across the globe will be screening at this year’s event, and many will be represented by their makers. I’m looking forward to sharing stories with these folks and making some new friends. You get that many film nerds together and there’s bound to be some lively discussion, especially once the drinks are poured. I’m also planning to attend a couple of workshops about pitching to executives and financing projects. I want to learn a lot during this trip in addition to the celebration.

I’ll make another post here on the blog upon my return to regale you of my adventures. If you follow the Two Jackets Instagram account (@two_jackets), I’ll be posting pictures there in the interim. Anything I post auto-populates on Facebook and Twitter, too, but you should probably be following us everywhere anyway. Bet on plenty of activity. I’m sticking around for a few days after Filmapalooza to hang with some friends, cruise around town, and see some shows, including a live recording of one of my favorite podcasts, Doug Loves Movies! Oh yes, there will be much galavanting.

So long, dear friends! Until our next meeting...