Meanwhile, on YouTube...

Greetings, Heroes! Today is an exciting day at Two Jackets Productions, for it is the day we post our short film, "Meanwhile, At the Citadel of Superheroes...," online!


Originally made as part of the 2014 Z-Fest Film Festival, this gem has been locked away from the general public so that we could send it off to film festivals. Now, its festival run is over, and we are happy to present the extended cut of "Meanwhile, At the Citadel of Superheroes..." to everyone with an internet connection! It's now available to watch on our Youtube page, the Short Films section of the site, and right here in this blog post! Check it out!

We are all so very proud of our take on the superhero genre, so if you enjoyed it too, please share it far and wide!

And remember, never divide by zero.