Minneapolis 48HFP Interview

Happy Earth Day, earthlings! Eric here.

Recently, Andrew, Marcus, and I sat down (actually, we were standing) for an interview with the lovely humans behind the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project. After we were lucky enough to walk away with the "Golden Horseflap" at last year's competition, they figured we might know a thing or two about making films in 48 Hours. It was an easy mistake to make. 

Stunning humility aside, it was a great interview and we had a lot of fun talking about our process and doling out advice to new filmmakers! Needless to say, we spoke for far too long and the resulting hour of chatter was cut down to a lean two minutes. Check out the video below and then sign up for the competition!

Also, we're officially signed up for the 2015 Minneapolis 48 Horseflap! See you there! #48HFP