61: The Shape of Water

The darkly beautiful fantasy worlds of director Guillermo del Toro have captured movie-goers' imaginations for over twenty years. Now, with The Shape of Water, his work has captured the film industry's top honor, the Academy Award for Best Picture, and del Toro himself received the award for Best Director! Holla at ya boi! About damn time, says Andrew. It's also about damn time we hold a duel of the shams with del Toro's work, which itself is an honor of some sort. But do Eric and Marcus have what it takes to make us both swoon with longing and squirm in horror? Listen now to find out!

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58: Unforgiven

It's a helluva thing... writing a sham. Eric and Marcus should know that more than most. In this episode, they have to bear the heavy burden of shamming Unforgiven, Clint Eastwood's Best Picture-winning western from 1992. In preparation for writing, they'll have to reckon with all their misdeeds from when they were younger, crueler men and channel that pain and guilt into their prose. Or maybe they won't do that. Maybe they'll just have a good time tackling the western genre! Come to think of it, why does Andrew keep pitching these heavy properties? Didn't we just sham that silly Species movie last time? Why don't you do something like that, Andrew? You trying to impress us with your refined taste in "prestige" film and TV, Andrew? Get over yourself, ANDREW. And enjoy the show, listeners!

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