Andrew and Eric and the 10th Anniversary

It was ten years ago today that the very first Two Jackets Production was born: the first episode of our web series, 3rd West Ballard! And like a newborn, "Andrew and Eric and the Drunken Pilot" was loud and messy, with parents who were overly-optimistic about its prospects in the wider world. Today we look back fondly on the web series that we call our second film school, and we are glad that it's fallen into obscurity with no one drawing attention to it. Oh shit! Why did I just link that?

While the show was rough around the edges, we have nothing but great appreciation to everyone who made it with us. Throughout the two seasons of our production we met and worked with some amazingly talented people and discovered life-long friends. To celebrate the anniversary, and ten years of Two Jackets, we put together a little reunion special that we hope you all enjoy! Just don't go back and watch the show... Maybe have someone else tell you about it and write your very own Sham Fiction instead?

Here's to another 10 years!

Your biggest fans,
Andrew, Eric, and Marcus