The Return of Sham Fiction

That’s right, gang! Your favorite sham host and Eric and Marcus are returning! Yes, ‘tis I, Andrew! After a year in the wilderness, sustaining ourselves on a diet of pine needles and tree bark, befriending local hill people and wildlife, the Two Jackets guys are back in civilization and ready to bring you a new season of Sham Fiction! (Hot dang! It’s two words now!)

You remember Sham Fiction, right? It’s our podcast in which we write stories based on films, TV shows, books, and other pop culture sundries that we don’t know much about! Last season—which is still available in your favorite podcatcher—we wrote about such properties as Deadpool, Stranger Things, and The West Wing. This season, we’re bringing you more fun stories on all new stuff!

But hark! A new game is afoot! In this new season, we’re shaking up the show’s format and raising the stakes! Each episode will now feature a head-to-head, no-holds-barred, eat-or-be-eaten DUEL! “But, Andrew,” you say, “that can’t possibly mean…” Mean what? That every new episode of Sham Fiction will have two stories rather than one? Full well it does!

Here’s how it’ll work: The host has only eight minutes to pitch a property of their choosing, after which the two sham-writers each get two minutes to ask questions. After a brief, informative commercial break, the writers return to read their stories, and the host makes their determination as to who loses less! (As you’ll learn, there are no winners in the Sham Fiction arena. It’s pretty brutal.) The trio then takes the remainder of the show to discuss what worked about the stories, what didn’t, and how they compared to the source material.

We’re eager to begin sharing the new season with you, and thankfully there isn’t much time left to wait! The first full episode will drop on Monday, February 5th. From there, we’ll release a new episode every two weeks for the rest of the year.

But hark again! You won’t even have to wait that long! On Monday, January 22nd, we’ll be dropping Episode Zero, in which we discuss the new season and format in detail, as well as three—once again for effect: THREE—demo episodes. These are test ‘casts we recorded last summer to try out the dueling format. The stories in these demos are too good to be stashed away in the sham vault, so we thought we’d share them to give you a preview of what’s to come!

If you haven’t already, go—right cussin’ now!—to your favorite podcatcher and subscribe to the show. That way, you’ll receive the new episodes as they’re released. Get ready to rumble, baby! More Sham Fiction is on the way!

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