73: Riverdale

Riverdale. "The town with pep!" If you're just passing through, you see what they want you to see: white picket fences, manicured lawns, the unmarked chrome of the famous dining car, Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Go to Riverdale High, you'll see happy, healthy teens, hitting the books and their extracurriculars with enthusiasm and spunk. It all seems so perfect. ...but stay a little longer, and more will reveal to you. The mysterious death of the high school quarterback. His girlfriend, committed to an asylum. A student sleeping with his teacher. A family fleeing a criminal past. And one man just searching for the truth behind it all, while wearing a very unfortunate hat. You know their names: Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead. But you don't really know them. This week, Eric and Marcus get acquainted with the darkness and angst under the beguiling veneer of Riverdale.

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53: Runaways

Season duel begins with a visit to Los Angeles as Andrew and Eric take on Marvel's Runaways! Before it was a Hulu show, it was a comic, and now it's a superhero sham!

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48: Marcus writes Lost at Sea

Time to gas up and hit the road with the ShamFiction boys! Our destination: self-discovery! We're coming-of-age this week as Marcus sham-writes a sensitive tale of lost souls, roadside diners, and SO MANY CATS! It's Bryan Lee O'Malley's debut graphic novel, Lost at Sea! We're all huge fans of BLOM, so this one's pretty special. If you, too, are a fan of his work, including his popular Scott Pilgrim series of comics, you're in for a treat! There be references abound here! In fact, if this episode had a face, we would kiss it! XOXO

Lost At Sea

37: Eric writes Suicide Squad

To kick off our Halloween-themed Spooky-tober series, Marcus and Andrew implant an explosive into Eric's head and tell him to go save the world with a team of DC Comics villains you all know and love! We've got everyone! The Joker! Harley Quinn! Deadshot. El Diablo... Slipknot...? Captain Boomerang...?! You know and love all of them, right? We swear we didn't make any up - even if one shares a name with a popular masked heavy metal band from the mid-aughts. Do you know what happens when you order those bad guys to do good? It turns into some sort of... Suicide Squad! Listen, if you dare... BOOGA-BOO!

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30: Eric and Andrew write Ex Machina

In this final week of Dueling ShamFiction, Marcus asks Eric and Andrew to wrap up their days as crime-fighting heroes and make some real change - in politics! Yes, indeed, we're following in Mayor Mitchell "The Great Machine" Hundred's steps, heading to New York City Hall with dreams of machines dancing like sugar plums in our heads (or something)! But only one sham-writer can call himself the hero-mayor of New York! And there's only one way to determine the victor: a head-to-head sham-writing battle royale of writer Brian K. Vaughan's comic series, Ex Machina!

Ex Machina Book One
By Brian K. Vaughan