76: The Haunting of Hill House / Season Finale

In this super-long season finale, Eric and Marcus sham-write a pair of ghostly tales based on the recent Netflix original series, The Haunting of Hill House. Prepare yourself for plenty of frights, because there be a whole lotta ghosts up in that house! Meanwhile, your hosts probably set a record for the number of times "spooky" is said on a podcast. They also prove to be pretty bad at math, while attempting to count how many episodes we've made this season. Be sure to stick around after the stories and discussion (if you dare!), because the guys share their favorite shammed properties from this season, as well as their favorite fics written this season. Thanks for listening to Sham Fiction this year! We hope you enjoyed Season Duel!

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70: A Quiet Place

Imagine a world in which making a sound could mean certain death. A sudden cough or a sneeze (or probably a toot) could result in your being mauled by a vicious monster! Thankfully, this is just the premise of today's featured property—the recent blockbuster horror flick, A Quiet Place—and not real life. We can fart to our heart's content! However, in this episode, your favorite sham host Andrew asks Eric and Marcus to set a story in the film's terrible, silent world. Will they keep their cheeks clenched? Or will a loose toot be their doom?

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67: Firewatch (Indie Game Edition)

If we've learned anything over the last few episodes, it's that video games aren't all Calls of Duty and Super Marios anymore. Case in point: this week's game, Firewatch, in which you play as a guy who takes a summer job in the National Parks Service, watching for forest fires. Okay, okay, so it's a lot more interesting than it sounds. In addition to the abundance of natural beauty, you'll explore hidden caves, encounter shadowy figures, and investigate a streak of missing persons. Yeah, turns out life off the grid can get pretty suspenseful! Who knew? Eric and Marcus sure didn't! So check out this third and final episode in our indie game series and find out what else you don't know about the wilderness!

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64: Brigsby Bear

Hi friends! It's your friend and host for this week, Andrew! Isn't it great that I get to do a show with my friends, Eric and Marcus, and you all (also my friends) listen to it? The world is a big place and full of strange and unknown things, so it's important to have friends to go through it with. I learned that from Brigsby, but you know that. ... Wait... You don't know Brigbsy? From TV? He's a bear that travels through space and time, teaching lessons to aliens and children. It's my favorite show! Eric and Marcus didn't know anything about it either, so I pitched it to them in this episode, along with the story of my friend, James, who's had a really weird life. I hope you like it! It's dope as s***!

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Just the Fics Volume Four (Part 1/2)

Season 1 of ShamFiction has been over since January, and it's finally time for our final Just the Fics collection! In this special episode, we bring you nothing but the fiction from episodes 37-51. No pitches. No discussion. Just fics! Even so, we ended up having so much content this quarter that we had to split this episode into two parts! In this first half, enjoy eisodes 37-45!

51: HamFiction #3: Marcus writes Mad Men

This week, we're going MAD! ...ison Avenue as Marcus writes the sixties-set, smoke-filled, booze-soaked drama, Mad Men! Meanwhile, your hosts may be legitimately going mad. Like the "crazy" kind of mad. Why? Because Eric and Marcus believe they're on a ham-themed show, and Andrew may be losing sight of what's real and what's make believe! And how does Mad Men fit into their salty scheme? Because it stars Jon Hamm, of course! That makes sense, right? Right? NO! It doesn't! That was a test! It doesn't make sense because there's no such thing as HamFiction! There never was! It's all smoke and mirrors, people! You've been duped by a couple of sham-artists! My, how fitting! It was a SHAM all along! Being tricked doesn't feel good, does it? Just remember, I tried to tell you. Now, please excuse me. I'm going to take up smoking. <3 Andrew

48: Marcus writes Lost at Sea

Time to gas up and hit the road with the ShamFiction boys! Our destination: self-discovery! We're coming-of-age this week as Marcus sham-writes a sensitive tale of lost souls, roadside diners, and SO MANY CATS! It's Bryan Lee O'Malley's debut graphic novel, Lost at Sea! We're all huge fans of BLOM, so this one's pretty special. If you, too, are a fan of his work, including his popular Scott Pilgrim series of comics, you're in for a treat! There be references abound here! In fact, if this episode had a face, we would kiss it! XOXO

Lost At Sea

43: Eric writes 11/22/63

This week, jump into a time hole with us and journey back to the 1960s! The trip won't be all fun and games though; we've got a mission. We're going to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and create a better future for the world! And it isn't going to be easy because time itself isn't on our side! Time is all like, "Hey, dudes! You can't just go back and change me! There'll be consequences, yo!" What are said consequences? Find out in Eric's sham of Stephen King's 11/22/63!

Read the fiction here.

11/22/63: A Novel
By Stephen King

42: Marcus writes The Iron Giant

Travel back to a simpler time when school desks were your best defense against nuclear weapons, and giants were made of good ol' fashioned iron - well, space iron. Yes, animation fans, this week we're shamming director Brad Bird's breakout classic, The Iron Giant! Marcus is our writer because somehow a movie about robots and teaching them to love snuck past him. It's the perfect match of sham-writer and material! This episode is bound to excite, thrill, and entertain you so much that you'll scream "HOG HUG!" at the top of your lungs! Quit worrying about the Communist menace and listen already, tiger!

40: Eric writes Scream

Happy Halloween, sham-listeners! We've reached our final destination on the Spooky-tober trail! Let's kick this episode off with a question: Do you like scary movies? The killer in this week's property sure does. He'll quiz you on them before he MURDERS you! Jeepers creepers, gang, that means it's time to sham horror-movie-maestro Wes Craven's nineties classic, Scream! Will this week's sham-writer, Eric, be able to sufficiently (and self-referentially) spook us? Will Marcus struggle to mask his dislike of the film? Will Andrew claim to be a movie expert and get most of his references wrong? All these questions (and more) will be answered! BOOGA BOO!

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39: Marcus writes Stranger Things

Our next Spooky-tober stop is in Hawkins, Indiana. 1983. A boy named Will Byers has vanished, and it doesn't feel like an ordinary incident. There's been a lot of movement at a nearby government facility ever since; Will's mom, Joyce, swears that her son has been communicating to her through lightbulbs; and Will's friends have met a weird girl with a shaved head near where he disappeared. Our man Marcus is on the case, but he'll soon realize these aren't normal things, nor simply strange things. These are... Stranger Things!

37: Eric writes Suicide Squad

To kick off our Halloween-themed Spooky-tober series, Marcus and Andrew implant an explosive into Eric's head and tell him to go save the world with a team of DC Comics villains you all know and love! We've got everyone! The Joker! Harley Quinn! Deadshot. El Diablo... Slipknot...? Captain Boomerang...?! You know and love all of them, right? We swear we didn't make any up - even if one shares a name with a popular masked heavy metal band from the mid-aughts. Do you know what happens when you order those bad guys to do good? It turns into some sort of... Suicide Squad! Listen, if you dare... BOOGA-BOO!

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36: Marcus writes Mr. Robot

Hello friends. Are you ready to take back control of your lives? Oh, we know what you're thinking. "You're mistaken, ShamFiction guys. I'm in control of my life." WRONG! You are not! We see that Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte in your hand and your eyes glued to that iPhone screen. You've lost control, friends. The corporations own you. Luckily, we've met the guy who's going to change everything. We'd like you to meet him, too, so you'd better listen to this week's episode. His name is Mr. Robot.

Mr. Robot: Season 1 (Blu-ray + DIGITAL HD)
Starring Rami Malek, Christian Slater

35: Andrew writes Twilight

This week we're packing up the U-Haul and moving to Washington - state, that is - to a sleepy, little town called Forks. We've heard the scenery is beautiful, and so - it turns out - is this one particular guy in our class. He seemed to be sickened at the sight of us at first, but he's coming around. He's super dreamy, and - get this - he sparkles in the daylight! Because he's a vampire! But how is he going to be our boyfriend if he wants to drink our blood all the time? Listen as Andrew attempts to make this relationship work in his sham of the ultimate in young adult romance, Twilight.

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34: Eric writes Sharknado

Do you hear that? A faint sound of thunder and chomping in the distance? And the wind is picking up now, blowing in the horrible, fishy odor of death. These signs can't point to anything else... In this episode, Eric puts on his hero hat, grabs his favorite chainsaw (her name is "Betty"), and sets out to save the world from the most blood-thirsty of all natural disasters: Sharknado!

Read the fiction.

Starring Tara Reid, Ian Ziering, John Heard, Cassie Scerbo, Jaason Simmons

33: Marcus writes Brick

Cover for us in homeroom! We have some sleuthing to do! Well, Marcus does at least. This week, he's raiding lockers, turning over tables in the cafeteria, and knocking heads together under the bleachers - anything to solve the mystery at the heart of Rian "Star Wars Episode VIII" Johnson's high school film noir breakout, Brick! He just better watch out for any of those long-haired lugs! Especially if they're named Chuck Burns!

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31: Eric writes The West Wing

On this week's show, Mr. Carlson goes to Washington! Ready or not, Eric's been assigned an immense challenge: to sham-write a piece based on the most prestigious of all prestige dramas, Aaron Sorkin's The West Wing! Will people walk and talk at the same time? (They'd better!) Will President Bartlet tell a folksy story of great significance? (Most likely!) Will all our nation's most pressing issues be solved? (We're counting on it!) If there's an Emmy for podcasting, this is our chance to bring it home! No pressure, right?

Read the fiction here.

30: Eric and Andrew write Ex Machina

In this final week of Dueling ShamFiction, Marcus asks Eric and Andrew to wrap up their days as crime-fighting heroes and make some real change - in politics! Yes, indeed, we're following in Mayor Mitchell "The Great Machine" Hundred's steps, heading to New York City Hall with dreams of machines dancing like sugar plums in our heads (or something)! But only one sham-writer can call himself the hero-mayor of New York! And there's only one way to determine the victor: a head-to-head sham-writing battle royale of writer Brian K. Vaughan's comic series, Ex Machina!

Ex Machina Book One
By Brian K. Vaughan

From the Vault: Marcus writes There Will Be Blood

The Dueling ShamFiction finale proved too big a beast to tame in only a week's time! In its stead, we've pulled an episode out of the vault! This is a complete test cast from back in 2015 when we were sussing out the show's structure and getting comfortable in front of the mics. We believe you'll find the quality of the content and the audio to be more than sufficient for your listening pleasure! Can Marcus drill deep enough to strike black gold? Find out in his attempt to break into the oil business with this sham of Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood!