42: Marcus writes The Iron Giant

Travel back to a simpler time when school desks were your best defense against nuclear weapons, and giants were made of good ol' fashioned iron - well, space iron. Yes, animation fans, this week we're shamming director Brad Bird's breakout classic, The Iron Giant! Marcus is our writer because somehow a movie about robots and teaching them to love snuck past him. It's the perfect match of sham-writer and material! This episode is bound to excite, thrill, and entertain you so much that you'll scream "HOG HUG!" at the top of your lungs! Quit worrying about the Communist menace and listen already, tiger!

12: Marcus writes Howl's Moving Castle

Don't step out into the Wastes without your good hat, a sentient scarecrow companion, or some sort of hairy child-apprentice, because there are witches and wizards out there (and boy do their curses stick!). This week, Marcus relieves some pressure in his steam-powered take on Howl's Moving Castle.

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As promised, here's Crumbly!

America's favorite crumb-monster!

America's favorite crumb-monster!