57: Species

Have you ever truly felt anything, brah? According to a character on this week's show, you probably haven't. Alas! We can't all be like Dan Smithson, the iconic empath portrayed by Forest Whitaker in this week's property: Species! It's a kinda-classic scifi/horror flick from the '90s! Eric is pitching; Marcus and Andrew are writing; and they're all getting in touch with their feelings—particularly with how they feel about actress Natasha Henstridges' nakedness in this movie, given how old her character is supposed to be. In brief: it's icky. But the shams are far less repulsive! In fact, this episode contains one of the funniest pieces we've ever had on the show! Listen now and laugh your buns off!

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42: Marcus writes The Iron Giant

Travel back to a simpler time when school desks were your best defense against nuclear weapons, and giants were made of good ol' fashioned iron - well, space iron. Yes, animation fans, this week we're shamming director Brad Bird's breakout classic, The Iron Giant! Marcus is our writer because somehow a movie about robots and teaching them to love snuck past him. It's the perfect match of sham-writer and material! This episode is bound to excite, thrill, and entertain you so much that you'll scream "HOG HUG!" at the top of your lungs! Quit worrying about the Communist menace and listen already, tiger!

40: Eric writes Scream

Happy Halloween, sham-listeners! We've reached our final destination on the Spooky-tober trail! Let's kick this episode off with a question: Do you like scary movies? The killer in this week's property sure does. He'll quiz you on them before he MURDERS you! Jeepers creepers, gang, that means it's time to sham horror-movie-maestro Wes Craven's nineties classic, Scream! Will this week's sham-writer, Eric, be able to sufficiently (and self-referentially) spook us? Will Marcus struggle to mask his dislike of the film? Will Andrew claim to be a movie expert and get most of his references wrong? All these questions (and more) will be answered! BOOGA BOO!

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